DATI for Lone Workers

The figures are startling

Nearly 500 accidents at work

take place every day in Belgium!

Nearly 0 accidents at work
take place every day in Belgium!
Person in alert situation

In 12% of cases, victims are affected by permanent disabilities.

In the event of serious accidents, a lone worker is particularly at risk because there is no one to come to their aid.

Security is an essential component of the management of a company that is aware of its role in society.

The Dati module of the Indigout_OV solution solution enables risk management and contributes to the well-being of society, protecting people from harm or disability and avoiding negative consequences on the competitiveness of the company.

Our technology

Alerts in case of critical situation (fall, prolonged inactivity, aggression,...)

Precise geolocation of workers in difficulty (indoor and outdoor)

Automated calls to on-call services

Guidance to the scene of the disaster

Management of the charge level of devices (Smartphone)

Event management dashboard (claims reporting facility)

Sending alerts even when there is no network

Checking the control points

Management of staff under protection

Viewing alerts

Phone showing the Indigout_Dati application
Computer showing Indigout_Safety features
Phone showing the Indigout_Dati application

Secure your workers today!