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The concept

Indigout_Services is a solution for planning and monitoring interventions (for SMEs with mobile staff). The module allows you to create interventions from the platform and to get feedback on the work done, including customer satisfaction.

The deployment of planning and mobility solutions allows you to optimise the management of multi-trade response services in your organisation and in the field. Optimise the management of your operations and improve communication with field teams.

Indigout_Services can also interface with existing solutions such as ERP, CRM or CMMS.

Our lone worker protection module (Dati) can also be activated on this solution.

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Our Features

Viewing all providers on a map

Validation of customer arrival and departure times

Drafting of a detailed report on the service provided in a few clicks

Reporting an incident at the scene

Centralization of reports on the web platform and referral of information to the relevant departments.

Customer evaluation of the service

An example of our Services applications
Our "Neto" Solution dedicated to the Service Voucher SECTOR

Phone showing the Indigout_Neto application